Start, Run and Close a Business

Business Our law firm can assist business owners to start, run and close a business in the States of New York and Texas since our attorneys are licensed in both States and Business Law has different set of rules in different states.

Our lawyers will screen your business needs and recommend the best business structure to protect the interest and assets of its shareholders.

In Texas and New York, the following legal entities can be formed:


Texas New York
Sole Proprietorship (“doing business as”) Sole Proprietorship (“doing business as”)
General Partnership General Partnership
Corporation Corporation
Limited Liability Company (LLC) Limited Liability Company (LLC)
Limited Partnership (LP) Limited Partnership (LP)


Upon forming the business structure, usually an Operating Agreement or a By-Laws will also be draft to set forth the agreement among its members or shareholders.

Once the business is operating, we can also assist with contract review and negotiation with clients and vendors in case of dispute.

Mostly important, we also assist with business domestication, business wind-up, joint ventures and merges and acquisitions.